Military Attire and other Uniforms

At London Fanfare Trumpets we pride ourselves on appearance, with particular emphasis on British Heritage. Please see our current selection of uniforms below; we have something suitable for every event.
At present we have three distinct uniforms:

British Guards imitation uniforms:
Available in teams of 1-4.  This is our most striking uniform, standing out from a distance with dazzling red tunics and 18-inch bearskin headdresses.  Ideal for events celebrating Britain, or for hosts entertaining guests from overseas.  The uniform is similar to that worn by the Queen's Guard at Buckingham Palace.  We are the only civilian fanfare team with the ability to offer this look.  Make an impression by treating your guests to something iconically British!

Red Tailcoats:
Available in teams of all sizes (1-9).  These red tailcoats are normally worn by Toastmasters across the country.  It was in London that the red tailcoat was first worn by the famous Toastmaster, William Knightsmith in 1894, to stop him from being mistaken for a waiter.  His coat was commended by King Edward VII and has since become a symbol of significance in UK venues.  A scarlet coat is said to distinguish one from hundreds of guests and mark him as a man who has a unique part to play in the ceremonials.

Black Dinner Jackets & Black Tie:
Available in teams of all sizes (1-9).  We are also able to wear standard Black dinner Jackets with an option of black, red or even white bowties with either white or black shirts.

We aim to expand our uniform collection, so if we are currently unable to offer you something that you would like, then please contact us with your suggestions as we may be able to help.