Enquire today about British Military Bearskin Hire

From time to time we hire out our Bearskin hats (sometimes wrongly referred to as a busby!) for use in film and television. They can be seen on some episodes of the US sitcom The Royals.

Our bearskin hats are ex military so have been purchased through army surplus shops. By definition this means that they are no longer ‘fit for parade’ outside Buckingham Palace but this does not mean that they are not of high quality to the untrained eye (anybody other than a drill sergeant!).

Old bearskins begin to turn an orange/brown colour on top and need to be routinely dyed to keep them looking smart. Over time, if stored in the wrong conditions the fur can become matted, brittle and shapeless.

It is a skill to look after a military headdress, one which is often overlooked by costume hire companies. We buy only good quality bearskins and take the time to ensure that they are always looking ready for show.

If we have availability we can hire up to 10 Bearskins from as little as £100 each.

Please get in touch with your requirements below for a no obligation quote.