London Fanfare Trumpets can match the size of any event, whether it be a large corporate event for a product launch, or a small private event to announce a surprise birthday party!
Watch the videos below to get an idea of what each ensemble looks and sounds like.

Sizes of fanfare team:

1 Trumpeter
Rarely used but can be used in small venues for simple announcements, such as a ‘call to dinner’, or calling guests from pre-dinner drinks through to the main dining hall.



2 Trumpeters
Commonly used in venues of 100-200 guests.  A great way to make a big impact with a small budget.


3 or 4 Trumpeters
Commonly used in large venues with over 150 guests.  A spectacular visual performance and huge sound, a truly exciting way to start an event.


7 Trumpeters or Full 9 Piece Line-up (includes percussion!)
This is used for the most magnificent events, where the host really wants to make an event outstanding.


Brass Trio
Our Brass Trio is the perfect option for events that need background music but are limited on budget. The Trio is usually made up of one Trumpet, one Trombone and One Tuba. They can play anything from classical to jazz through to pop.

Trio page embed


Brass Groups 5-10 Musicians
Our Brass groups are the ultimate choice for events that need quality background music from world class musicians. The group is expandable to fit with both the size of the venue and your budget.

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Marching Band
The sound of a British Marching Band is second to none. Ideal for impressing guests from overseas at any event. We offer an array of packages from a Beating Retreat through to a Marching Display with Concert Band.


Post Horn Gallop
The ultimate cabaret act which can be performed with any of our ensembles larger than a Brass Quintet.


Concert Band
Great for background music during a large corporate event or to perform a formal concert. Can be used well in conjunction with most other ensembles.

We are confident that we can offer you something within your budget.  Contact us today to discuss your requirements!